Observations 04.02.11

What color am I?! Last week I walked by this residence in my neighborhood that was, at the moment I took the picture, THREE colors. And, not just your average colors…it was painted red, pink, and purple. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out which color the owner was ultimately going for but I’m kind of digging this funky tie dye look. Whichever color they picked, I appreciate their daring color choice to add some pizzaz to the hood.

I went to Blue Duck Tavern for a drink, and was struck by how much I love their logo. I’ve seen it before but at the time I didn’t really appreciate it. What I adore most about it in the use of line to create the duck. The line, when it’s repeated and overlapped in such a sporadic but neat manner, creates an eye-catching texture and pattern. I didn’t get to take a close enough look but I think it may be one single line used to create the duck form, which is impressive. I also like the type used; the designer did a good job of combining a serif and sans serif font.

I was in one of the kitchens of our corporate office and my eye was drawn to one of the Flavia machine coffee labels. The font used to create the word “SUMATRA” reminds me of some of Saul Bass’ typefaces. The letters look hand cut and are not all the same scale or proportion, which gives them so much beauty and character. My only hope is that the coffee (which I didn’t try) matches the flavor of this type!


One thought on “Observations 04.02.11

  1. Anne Marie, I love the BlueDuck logo! Such a great, simple, identifiable take on it.

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