First post…starting is the hardest part

Starting is always the hardest part but looky here…I’ve arrived…to the blogosphere that is. It’s like the gym…getting there is the hardest part but once you do it you’re golden and on your way to rock hard abs.

So, my little virtual world will give you an inside glimpse into my design life and other peripheral fabulousness. I am currently back in school for graphic & web design in an effort to wake up and train the creative creature lurking inside (wow, that sounded slightly creepy).

I plan to post things I observe in the world around me (here in the district, as I travel, and through the media) that inspire me as a designer and also make me crazytown (I continue realize how much bad design is out there). I will also share my designs from my design program and some of my personal art if I ever make the time to put paintbrush to canvas. I will toss in some music love for good measure because…well…life is enriched with a rocking soundtrack to accompany it. The absolute only thing I can promise is that if not anything else this blog will surely amuse you. Enjoy the journey.

To learn more about the gal behind the blog, click the About tab.


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